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          Yes, some people believe in many gods. Notice that here I do not capitalize the word god. But then others of us seem to believe in other spirits. Angels, Devils, Demons, Ghosts, Fairies, Leprechauns, and yes, other gods. Hindu holy men believe that there is an order imposed on lesser gods by a single controlling, all powerful God. Perhaps you do not agree with their using the word god rather than angel or demon.

          God speaks to all people in whatever language they can understand. He may look different to them than He looks to me. Are you going to say that their view of the elephant is wrong?

          Obviously their view of the elephant is wrong - - but then so is yours. And so is mine.

          In the United States we have our own particular god. It is a piece of paper, green printing on one side and black on the other, about six inches long, and says “In God We Trust” on it. And in our hearts it looks like greed. That is what a false god looks like.

          Those who see God, but differently from the way you see Him are not looking at a false god. They only have a different view of the elephant. When your vision of the elephant gets in the way of you seeing God, then that also becomes a false god. That is one of the things God warned us about in the Old Testament.

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