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The Drug Pusher

          Take two men, both of the same economic level. They both sell drugs on the street. One happens to be a grade school teacher. Is their sin equal? Should the teacher be held to higher standards? Is the teacher’s sin greater?

          “The teacher’s sin is greater.”

          “They both commit the same sin.”

          “The teacher is missing the opportunity to be a role model.”

          “So is the other.”

          “They both should be held accountable in the same way.”

          “But the teacher deals with children every day.”

          “Perhaps the other is a father. He also has a responsibility.”

          “We can’t judge. That’s God’s responsibility.” Footnote 1

          If you take the job as a teacher, you have the responsibility to live up to standards that will influence children properly. But, it is no one’s place to say what I may or may not do on my own personal time. Now, how do you see this elephant?

1.    WPC Men’s prayer breakfast group Spring 1998 (edited)

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