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The Scout Leader

            A Scout leader is responsible for the safety of the scouts. You must look out for the safety of your charges while camping, hiking, or working with a project. You have to care for them even at risk of your own life or safety.

            In the same way that a teacher who is a man should retain his honor with the female students in his class, and a woman should retain her honor with the male students in her class, a scout leader must retain honor with the scouts he directs and supervises. If you are gay, you may be a leader, but must not make any advances on your charges. If you have a life partner that you are true to, then you will not be a threat to anyone in your trust. This holds true regardless of your sexual orientation.

            There have been stories of Scout Leaders who made sexual advances on their charges. So there is more. You must prevent anyone or anything from harming those in your trust. This includes yourself. You may not through any action or inaction allow anyone to be harmed. If you know you are weak in some way, avoid testing your weakness. Get out of that position. If you don’t get out of that position then that is an inaction. Find some other way to serve, and make sure you are always far from temptation. Anyone who is in a leadership position with children must be not only responsive to their charges, but must keep in mind the first law of robots. This means you must do your job, set an example, but first protect those who are looking to you for leadership.

First Do No Harm!

Substitute the title of anyone who works with children for the scout leader.

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