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Morals and Ethics in Business

          Many businesses have implemented tough sexual harassment policies. An executive who takes advantage of a subordinate may lose his position, his respect, and even his family. These policies quite often have been implemented because of our legal system. Sexual harassment in the business world is very often treated harshly only because of the economics involved. It appears that economics are more important than morals.

          In the arena of small businesses, you might get away with it for a while, but eventually it seems to come back and get you.

          A certain businessman had a requirement to have one of his office personnel with him on business trips. Research to be done, documents found, calls made, appointments made, etc. It seems that quite often the hotel is “short on rooms” so the assistant must share the room. Now, isn’t that a coincidence? An attractive young female assistant with an older businessman. Lately, though, it seems that it is getting progressively more difficult for him to hire assistants with any skills or experience. One young lady told him that it was OK because she could go stay with her sister who happened to live in the area. She was fired two days later. I guess she just wasn’t able to perform all the requirements of the position.

          I think his business should suffer from this. He is violating his employee’s rights. Do you see a different elephant than I do here?


           A boss who requires improper attentions from his employee eventually finds it progressively more and more difficult to find good help. Word does get out. People are not all that stupid. Someday someone will take him to court for this. He will lose. Perhaps he will be put out of business because of this. Then the employees who need their jobs to support their families will suffer. How much pain and suffering will be the result of his actions. Oh, yes; feel free to change the sex of the participants in this little story.

          If you do not expect to be a good example, then you better stay away from contact with people. Do not forget. God knows what you are doing.

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