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God’s Love Allows Free Will

          How much does God love you? He loves you so much that He allows you to exercise your free will even though it is not what He wills. God puts His will on hold so you can exercise your will. Even when what you do is against God’s will and law, He allows you to do what you desire. Even when your actions harm others, He will not interfere.

          When you choose to harm an innocent, God allows.

          When you choose to destroy God’s world, God allows.

          When you choose to harm even yourself, God allows.

          God will not interfere when your victim chooses revenge against you for your actions. When evil is answered by evil, even then God allows you to exercise your free will.

          God feels the pain you inflict on others, but still allows you to do what you wish. Your free will is more important to God than God’s own will.

          How much does God love you? He loves you so much that even His own will is sacrificed for you.

          Are you willing to sacrifice some of your free will for God?


          Your children have to learn and live their lives. When your child pricks her finger on a thorn, you do not wish her the pain or tears, but you accept that as part of learning. Thorns come with the roses. When she is scratched by a kitten, that is part of learning. You do not wish her the pain or the possible infection, but after cleaning the scratch, you tell her that sometimes cats scratch. That is part of the learning process. That is part of life.

          When you jump out of an airplane, you know there is a chance the chute will not open. That is part of the risk involved.

          When you are driving and a drunk driver crosses the center line and hits you, perhaps killing you or your loved ones, that is part of life. That person had the free will to drink then drive. The cat had the free will to scratch your child. It is a matter of scale, but sometimes the scale frightens us. You allow your child to pick the rose, play with the cat, drive the car; knowing that there are risks involved. You are sympathetic for the pain, but you know your child will have these problems. You hope not, but you know it will happen. You may stay awake while your teen is out. You are relieved each time they return home uninjured. When they do have an accident, you do what every parent does. You may be angry with them, but that anger is often directed at yourself for allowing them freedom. You are relieved that they are still alive. You take them, hold their hand, comfort them, love them.

          When you drink then drive, God watches in fear. This is the same fear you feel as your child’s bicycle starts to go over. But you have free will. That is God’s love for you. He allows you to drink then drive. He allows you to cross the center line. He allows you to drive into oncoming traffic. He allows you to hit the other vehicle. He allows you to kill those He loves. This is free will. This is how much God loves you. No matter how much it hurts, He allows you to do what ever you do. He will not stop you because He loves you.

          You allow your children to pick the roses. You allow your children to play with kittens. You allow your children to ride bicycles. Eventually, no matter how much it frightens you, you allow your children to drive a car. This is because you know they must live. They will make mistakes, but you still love them and know they need to make some mistakes to learn.

          This is love.

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copyright© 2007 George L Snyder