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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Six blind men went to ‘see’ an elephant. They approached the elephant from different directions.

The first reached out and touched the elephant’s trunk.
The elephant is like a large snake.

The second touched the elephant’s tusk.
The elephant is like a spear.>

The third touched the elephant’s ear.
The elephant is like a large banana leaf.

The fourth ran directly into the side of the elephant.
The elephant is like a wall.

The fifth put his arms around the elephant’s leg.
The elephant is like a tree.

The sixth grabbed hold of the elephant’s tail.
The elephant is like a rope.

             When we try to understand God, we are at a greater disadvantage than these blind men. It is much easier for any of these blind men to comprehend the elephant than it is for the most brilliant human mind to comprehend God. I am one blind man attempting to understand the elephant. You too are blind. Will you accompany me on my journey? As finite beings, humans cannot comprehend that which is infinite. But, perhaps if we listen, we may hear messages from God.
             The story of these blind men has been told for ages in India. God gave this story to people millennia ago, centuries before Christ. Many years before the time of Confucius and Buddha. Perhaps even before the time of Moses. Do not deny God the right to speak to those who follow different faith paths. Besides the descendants of Israel were out in the desert dancing around a gold idol while Moses went for a walk up a mountain. I don’t blame God if He decided to talk to somebody else.
             Approximate birth dates:     Moses     1300-1200 BC        Buddha      565 BC        Confucus      551 BC

             Now, we both know that the elephant is green. I put my arms around the tree. You reached up and touched a large leaf. That proves the elephant is like a tree with large leaves. Everyone knows trees with large leaves are green. Some people think the elephant is gray. They are to be pitied. Perhaps it is our duty to set them straight.

Think about it.

             If you are not ready to challenge your faith, stretch your faith, then give this book to someone else. I plan to present greater challenges to your faith. But, how can your faith grow if you do not stretch and challenge it? It hurts when the elephant steps on your foot. You may enjoy the rest of what I have to say. Which of these blind men is you? As I walk through life, I have the blindness of all of them. I only hope I also have some of their vision. Do you have the vision of these blind men? Keep in mind that you have their blindness. Pray you have at least some of their vision.
             Stop, listen, pay attention to what God may wish to say to you.

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