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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

The Many Faces of Jesus

             It seems that everyone likes to look at Jesus differently. Here are a few views that seem obvious to me. You may or may not agree with me. You may or may not accept these statements.

Jesus the infant:

             Yes, Jesus did start His life as a human infant. As a baby born of a woman. This is God’s promise to us. This is God saying that we should continue to hope because He cares.

Jesus the child:

             The Bible really has only one story about the young Jesus. Still, we need to keep in our minds that Jesus did spend time as a child. In other books that the church decided should not be included in the Bible, there are more stories. Some are quite frightening.

Jesus the man:

             This is Jesus, son of a carpenter. This is the man who wandered throughout the area called Palestine two thousand years ago.

Jesus the Rabbi, the teacher:

             This is the Jesus who taught a way of life. This is the Jesus who is the best example of how to relate to God. The best example that has ever been shown to humanity. The real purpose, the real reason, the real value.

Jesus the Healer:

             Healing is not just physical. Healing encompasses the entire person. Body and Soul. Most if not all of the healing Jesus performed included spiritual healing. Perhaps the spiritual healing is more valuable than the physical healing.

Jesus the miracle worker:

             Without the miracles attributed to Jesus, His fame would never have spread. His fame would never have persisted through time.

Jesus the Son of God:

             This is one of the things that most Christians feel is an absolute. If Jesus was the Son of God, that easily explains everything else He did.

Jesus the Christ:

             This is the Jesus of the Gospel of John. This is the savior. This is the redeemer. This is where Jesus the man enters His destiny greater than just a man. This is the Christ of Paul.

Jesus God:

             This is where we lose the non-Christians. That is except possibly the Hindus who are not that judgmental about who is or is not God.

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