Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

God, What am I?


            What am I? Why do so many things hurt me? How can I ever feel safe in this world?




And God speaks to me:


          “The essence of what you are is sacred to Me. The essence of what you are, cannot be changed by anything in the universe, except you. Your body may feel pain, hunger, and distress of other kinds. But, the essence of what you are is yours and yours only. Your essence cannot be harmed, cannot be lost, cannot be corrupted except by you yourself. My will is that you grow more and more to Me. It is in this way that you are created in My image. This is your soul. This is a power above all others that I give to you. No one is able to harm you. No one is able to take that from you. Trust in My will and you are safe in Me. Even death cannot harm or change your soul. Even I do not change that which is you. Your soul is yours and yours only.





            In the story “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” this is the power that Tom had over Simon Legree. Simon beat Tom until he died, but, he could not break this bond between Tom and God. Tom told Simon that he could do what he wanted to his body, but his soul was his own, and Simon could not touch that.


            This power is yours. All you have to do is accept it. Accept it and use it, and it will serve you well.


            Confucius stated that this was one of the three great rights of mankind. I claim that it is more than a right. It is a power. A power that you have. A power that every person on this Earth has. Read the writings of Confucius. Read “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. While you are at it, read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, but when you read it, read it to discover the power, strength, and honor that Uncle Tom had. Yes, it is a story of the horrors of slavery and you may gain something from reading that. For the purposes of this chapter, read it to learn of the faith and strength of this man who had nothing else. You should read it for the horrors of slavery for a later reference.


            Read the following statements sentence by sentence. Discuss each thought. Examine each thought for the truth or lie that is within. Decide for yourself what I am trying to say here. Decide for yourself if I am sane or not. Decide for yourself whether you should accept each thought. If you wish, you may ask God for help. You can pray, meditate, just read through it, or ignore it. It is your choice.




          Make your soul your power.


          Make your soul your power to be with God.


          Then I cannot harm you.


          Then no one can harm you.


          Your soul cannot be touched by anyone or anything.


          Once you gain the confidence to live by this, no one can harm you.


          You cannot be insulted.


          You get upset only when others are harmed or threatened.


          Your soul is yours and nobody can damage it.


          Your soul is all that you keep when this life is over.


          Make sure it is ready for whatever is next.


          Your body may feel pain.


          Your soul only feels pain when there is an injustice to another.


          An injustice that you cannot correct.


          Your soul is a portion of God within you.


          Your soul is the portion of God within you.


          This is yours.


          This is what God gives you to keep forever.


          A portion of Himself.


          For all eternity.


          Only you can damage or corrupt your soul.


          It is your responsibility for no one else can change it.


          Even God will not change it.


          God will call it to Himself but never remove it from you.


          What happens then is totally your responsibility.


          What happens to your soul is done by you and no one else.


          Your body may become injured, sick, destroyed.


          But your soul is safe.


          Your soul is safe from everything except you yourself.


          What you do through your free will moves your soul closer to God or farther from God.


          Listen for God’s direction.


          Listen for God’s messages.


          God speaks to your soul in many ways.


          God speaks to your soul through the beauty of the universe.


          God speaks to your soul through the people around you.


          But still what happens to your soul is only what you do.


          Only you.


          Your soul is yours and yours alone.



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