Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

When God Comes for Your Soul


When God comes for your soul

do not ask for forgiveness

do not beg for mercy




His forgiveness is already given

God is Mercy


Do not thank Him for the beauty of your body

physical beauty is fleeting at best

 soon to rot and decay


Do not thank Him for the treasure you have

for those after you will fight over it

it will soon tarnish and rust




Thank Him for the glimpse of that hummingbird

For the glory of the sunrise

the beauty of sunset


Thank Him for that flower that opened today

it was only a bud yesterday

gone tomorrow


Thank Him for the child you held in your arms

that you could sooth his pain

 and dry her tears


Thank Him for the music of the Universe

presented by the stars in the sky

and the birds in the air

and the breeze

and people


Thank Him for those who create beauty

the beauty of their music

and their color

and art


Thank Him for the beauty that you are

the beauty of your soul

and your heart



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