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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Symptoms of the Condition

            If you have the flu, you have certain symptoms. You have fever, nausea, and other symptoms I will not bother to describe.

            If you have poison ivy, you have certain symptoms. You have rash, blisters, and itching that drives you to distraction. The rash and blisters spread. I do not need to continue.


            If you do not have the symptoms of the flu, you do not have the flu.

             If you do not have the symptoms, you do not have the condition!


            You might have the symptoms of a condition but not that condition, but if you do have the condition, you will have the symptoms.




And, God speaks to me:


          “If you do not follow Me, you do not follow Me.

          “I forgive. If you do not forgive then you do not follow Me.

          “I love all My creation. If you do not love all My creation then you do not follow Me.

          “If you follow Me, then you follow Me!




            What are the symptoms of being a Christian? Do you have the symptoms? If you do not have the symptoms, you do not have the condition.


            Apply fire to gasoline. It will burn. If it does not then inspect the gasoline to see what is wrong, different, changed. Perhaps it is not really gasoline.


            Place a rock on the surface of water. It will sink. It will not float. That is the nature of the rock. If things are different then inspect the rock to see why it floats. Perhaps it is not a rock.


            Offend or harm a Christian. It will forgive. It will not hate. That is the nature of the Christian. If it does not behave as a Christian, perhaps it is not a Christian. Not really.




            There is no record of Jesus ever carrying a weapon. Jesus was reported to be a nonviolent person. Therefore, a Christian chooses to be nonviolent. A Christian chooses to not carry a weapon. You have no use for a weapon if you believe in nonviolence, if you are a Christian. Jesus did tell Peter to put away his sword.


            The Roman Centurion who wanted his servant healed was certainly not a Jew. Jesus usually told the one He healed to ‘sin no more’ but in this story it was not even mentioned. Jesus made no mention of the Centurion’s religion, lack of religion, or way of life. In fact Jesus was impressed by this man’s confidence and ability to recognize power. This man who did not practice the same religion that Jesus did.

            There were many different religions in the area where Jesus preached, but Jesus never made any remarks about any other religion. It seemed He was only concerned when someone did not practice the religion they professed. He never offered an insult because of another’s different faith path. If you are truly a Christian, you cannot offer an insult to a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Jesus never did! If you do not follow the example of Christ, can you justify calling yourself a Christian?


Learn the meaning of Agape.


            Do not claim to be a Christian if you do not follow the example of Christ. Examine each item in this list. Discuss each item in this list.


- Christ loved all people.

- Christ healed the sick.

- Christ fed the hungry.

- Christ never hurt anyone.

- Christ befriended all

            even a Roman soldier,

            even a tax collector,

            even an adulteress,

            even sinners,

            even you.

- Christ did not fear the sickness of lepers.

- Christ accepted all people.

- Christ never carried a weapon.

- Christ lived the life of peace.

- Christ forgave his followers when they deserted Him.

- Christ forgave those who crucified Him.

- Christ gave everything he had for others.

- Christ gave even his life for others.


            When your life reflects the life of Christ, then you may call yourself a Christian. When someone asks if you are a Christian, the best answer you can give is: “I try.”

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