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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Lonesome Valley

I have to walk that lonesome valley all alone.

I’m so lonesome I could cry.

And, God speaks to me:

          “Pick up someone who has fallen and carry them. Do this and you will find it impossible to be alone.

            When you feel hungry, it is a symptom of a condition. You must respond to that symptom. Eat. That is all you have to do. That will take care of the condition.

            When you feel lonely, it too is a symptom of a condition. You must respond to that symptom. Be with someone. That is all you have to do. That will take care of the condition.

            If you find someone who is walking that lonesome valley, then walk hand in hand with them. They will find that the valley is no longer so lonesome. Sometimes, the person refuses the attention you are attempting to give them. At least you have tried. At least you are no longer alone. Perhaps you are not really giving them what they need. Perhaps they are happy in their own self pity.

            Now, change places. When someone reaches out to you, do not reject their attempts. Perhaps they are really not very good at this and only irritate you. Perhaps you are happy in your own self pity. It is your responsibility to do your share. Perhaps they are more lonely than you are and reach out to you because their own need is so great. You can choose to be lonesome. You can also choose to be part of humanity.

            You are not alone when you are on a battlefield and carrying an injured friend (or enemy) to safety. So what if you are not on a battlefield? But you are. You are always on that battlefield. You are always able to carry that wounded person to safety. You are always at least able to try. You are not alone when you are spooning food onto a plate for someone who has not eaten for two days. You can help in many other ways. I find that those who claim a disability as the excuse for not serving, for not helping, will find that there is someone with a greater disability who does not allow it to get in the way of serving others.

            Go and find out who is in the hospital. Find out who the homebound are. Find out who just needs someone who can visit or smile. Check with your church, family, and neighborhood. Do that and they will no longer be walking through that lonesome valley alone, and neither will you.

            When you find yourself in that lonesome valley, look for another who is also walking alone. Perhaps they are not in the same valley you are, but look. When you find them, walk beside them, and when it is appropriate, take their hand. Even if they reject you, you are not alone at least for that moment. And, if you are rejected, let them know that if they want, they can call out and you might be able to respond. Then, go on to search for another lonesome person who might respond better. Then when that person decides to no longer be lonesome, you have a friend. Perhaps a friend for life.

            At least you have a companion as you walk through that valley. In exercising God’s love for others, your love for others; your own self love becomes stronger. Love of self and love of others are made of the same cloth. You cannot have one without the other. By forcing yourself to act, your own self value becomes brighter. It moves you closer to God. As you move closer to God, your awareness of what you can do increases. As you move closer to God, your awareness of your own value increases. As you move closer to God you begin to see yourself as God sees you. Then you find yourself seeing the other lonely people. Then you begin to be with the other lonely people. Then you are no longer alone.

            As you walk through your day, through your life, spread companionship. Leave a path of good behind you. That is what God calls you to do. At least try nice. Try nice first in all interactions with others. If you try nice, you may find that what you want or need comes easier. Make heaven for others and you may find that you yourself are in heaven. People are much more likely to respond favorably. They will also act more favorably toward you in the future. Think about it.

            Treat all others as nicely and kindly as possible. Move closer to God. Every time you are with one who is alone, every time you try to move closer to them, you move closer to God. How can you get to heaven without being close to God? It is not possible to serve one of God’s creations without becoming closer to God. There are two edges to this sword. When you neglect to comfort one of these, one of God’s loved creations, one of the lonely ones, then you neglect to serve God. When you neglect to serve God you move farther from God. When you move away from those who are lonely, you move farther from God. When you move farther from God, you move farther from your own salvation. You move toward your own loneliness.

And God speaks to me:

          “Whatever you do for even the least of Mine, you do for Me.

            All you have to do is accept the blessings of God. All you have to do is to accept God’s salvation. All you have to do is accept and move toward God. All you have to do is look at what God is offering you and accept what is offered. Just go and embrace God. One way to do that is to go and embrace God’s people. God has allowed those people to be lonely so you can use them to go and embrace God. Just go and embrace God’s lonely people. Sometimes all you need to do is be there for them. Sometimes you do not need to do anything. Just be there. In fact, just being there may be the most valuable service you can perform.

            If you do not move closer to God in every way possible, then you are moving away from God. Away from heaven. Away from your salvation. God is not going to force you to heaven. You have to go there, yourself. God presents you with many opportunities to move closer to Him. All you have to do is accept those opportunities. All you have to do is move closer to God in whatever way you can.


If you truly believe, you can never be alone. 
You can never be lonesome. 
You will always be serving others. 
You will always be committed. 
You will always be involved. 

             As you walk through that lonesome valley - - -.

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