Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II


            Only if you pray and worship in certain ways can you obtain salvation. Only the way I worship is right. God will not accept prayers that do not fit certain formats. You must pray and pray often to God. You must praise Him. You must attend services on my Sabbath day at the place where I pray. You must light candles, and throw yourself prostrate before God’s alter. You must sacrifice the purest lamb in your flock in the manner it is written.

And God speaks to me:

            “I do not need your prayers. It is your need. Pray because you need to. Pray because you benefit.

          I do not need your worship. It is your need. Worship because you need to. Worship because you benefit.

            God does not care how you pray. God does not even care that you pray. If you think that God needs or even wants your prayers or worship, then you have made Him too small.

            Pray because you need to. Pray because you get something from it. Yes, I have groveled on the floor and prayed so humbly and earnestly that you would not believe it. God did not get anything from that. I did. I benefitted from the prayers. And, that is what God wanted. God wanted me to benefit. I pray. Not because God needs it, but because I need it. It makes me better, more complete, more in touch with God. If I am ever perfect, I will probably not need to pray anymore. Don’t hold your breath.

            Notice that I was not struck by lightning when I wrote this.

Read Isaiah 1:11-17

And God speaks to me:

            “I do not need your prayers or your worship. The only reason I desire for you to pray is that it benefits you.

God does not need your prayers.

God does not need your worship.

God does not need your fear.

What God does want is for you to move closer to Him.

God wants your soul to be easy with Him.

God wants your soul to be easy in Him.

God wants you to have peace in your soul.

            The concept of one day in seven was made for man not for God. It is your spirit that needs that break in your routine. It is for your spiritual health, your soul, your spiritual needs. God does not need your prayers to make Him stronger. You need to pray to become stronger in your soul. Your body also needs one day in seven. Your body needs the rest, the break, the change.

            So too, your animals need this change, this rest, this chance to rebuild their spirits. This chance for their bodies to rest, recover, heal.

            Do not forget your machines. They need their moving parts lubricated. They need the oil and filter changed. They need to have the computer virus protection updated and run.

            All things need a time of maintenance, of rebuilding, their day of rest. It is not God’s need. Prayer and worship - not God’s need, not God’s desire. Your need, my need, the need of all things.

God wants your observance of the day of rest

because it benefits you

God wants you to pray and worship

because it benefits you

God cares for His creations

it benefits you.

The greatest, most soul felt, most profound


of praise and worship

becomes nothing in the sight of God

compared to the simple act

of unconsciously, without thought

holding the door

for the person behind you

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