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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

My Free Will

            God, How do I properly execute my free will?

And, God speaks to me:

          “Once you accept My love, grace, and forgiveness; then you freely act in the manner I wish. Then you do My will. Then you have accomplished your own salvation. If you believe, you do My will. You can only believe or not. Then you choose a path in which you do My will. If you do not do My will, it is because your faith is lacking. If you really believe then your choices and Mine are the same.

            Free will is properly executed by choosing to follow God’s Will.

            If you really believe, then your actions will reflect your faith. Your actions are symptoms of the condition I call faith.

            If you feel your faith weak, then perform the acts that you know God desires and your faith will be stronger.

            It is not so important to do what God desires as it is to be what God desires. If you are what God desires, then you will do what God desires.

And, God speaks to me:

            “If you do that which is My will; if you love My creation; if you serve those whom I have created; you are rewarded with stronger faith. This greater faith is sure. Do My work and your faith will grow as a reward from Me to you.

            Is this another view of the elephant?

            In his book: “The Cost of Discipleship,” Dietrich Bonhöffer stated that faith and actions are so tightly tied together that you cannot have one without the other. One of the oldest meanings of faith/belief is commitment. Faith requires action. That is the meaning of belief. If you believe then your actions, your commitment, your life reflect your faith.

            You have to actively choose to do God’s Will. It is your choice. Do not look at it as surrendering your will to God. Look at it as your choice to do or not do. Your choice to do certain things and avoid others. Your choice, not God’s choice. When it is your choice and you truly believe, then what you choose will make God smile. As you progress down this path, your faith and your actions will become stronger and stronger.

            What about the person who claims to be an atheist? Can this person have good works? If the above statements are true, then how can they continue to be atheist? When an atheist says that there is no God, they really are saying what has become obvious to them. When they think the concept of God, they realize that God does not exist. Of course. I have already claimed that God does not exist. I do not claim to be an atheist. I am just aware that whatever I think, whatever I feel when I say God; that does not exist. I am just recognizing my own limitations. I recognize that I am not intelligent enough to get more than a small glimpse of what God is. Perhaps I have thought this through more than an atheist. Perhaps not. At least I admit to not knowing. I do not know. I can only have faith. The atheist confirms doubt. I confirm possibility.

            In spite of my belief in God, God does not exist. I have said this a number of times. In order for your faith to grow, you have to doubt and question. Doubt and question, especially yourself.

            If you never doubt, your faith can never grow.

            If you never question, your faith can never grow.

            The courage of the atheist is displayed by their willingness to embrace what religious people fear to face.


            I contend that they do have faith. Atheism can also be a religion. It requires greater faith to be an atheist than to believe in God. Their faith is in the nonexistence of God. And, they are correct. My faith is in the existence of God. And, I too am correct. But there are also other things they believe in. They may not express it the same way you do, but they do have faith. They believe in

the goodness of humanity

Proper behavior

Greater good



Do not believe you are better than an atheist.

God never told an atheist to kill.

God never told an atheist to wage war.

            I fear what you will do in the name of your god. This is a fear I can never have with an atheist.

Notice here I chose to not capitalize the word god

The evils of the crusades.

The evils of the inquisitions.

All the holy wars.

Honor killings.

Witch hunts.

Burnings at the stake.

The Crucifixion of Jesus.

            all performed by believers in God.

            Is this another view of the elephant? Am I just a blind man who sees a small portion of the elephant and comes up with some sort of statement to justify what I believe? Remember, earlier I stated that none of the blind men were wrong. If so, then this is right even though it may be incomplete.

            Do you agree with this?

            Do you disagree with this?

            Think about it.

            Have I come to irrational conclusions?

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