Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Not God

Un-god is not God.

Anti-god is not God.

Not god is not God.

Un-god loves suffering.

God allows us to cause suffering.

Anti-god encourages crime.

God allows us to commit crimes.

Not God suggests death and destruction.

God allows us to follow Anti-god.

            God allows us to do wrong. Not-god encourages us to do wrong. No matter how you look at it, God does not love or want pain, suffering, or destruction. All life is precious in God’s sight. What we do, what we eat, how we live results in what we become. What you are is what you have made of yourself. If you have been cruelly treated in your life, it may have started you on a path, but somewhere along the way you have had the opportunity to make changes in your life. If you hate, you have the opportunity to love. God does not desire hate. Anti-god desires you to hate those who have harmed you. Anti-god encouraged them to harm you. Pain and suffering are not given to you by God. Much of the pain and suffering you have in your life comes from decisions you yourself have made. Some comes from the decisions others have made of their free will. God allows. God does not cause. It is this freedom to choose that is the greatest gift God had given us. But this gift is associated with a responsibility that puts on us the requirement to make the correct choice. We must make the choice that God desires not the choice that Anti-God desires.

            Anti-god wants us to ignore God’s work. Anti-god wants us to move away from God. Anti-god wants us to separate ourselves from God, from salvation, from heaven.

            It is ungodly to ignore the needs of others. It is ungodly to desire our own comfort while ignoring the suffering of others.

My God is Love.                      I call the god of hate Satan.

My God is Life.                      I call the god of death Satan.

My God is Forgiveness.     I call the god of revenge Satan.

My God is Gentleness.      I call the god of violence Satan.

My God is Acceptance.    I call the god of prejudice Satan.

I could go on for page after page with this list.

Which God do you choose?

An exercise for you:

Take two blank sheets of paper.

On one, write the attributes of God.

On the other, write the attributes of Satan.

Work on this for an hour, a day, a week. It doesn’t matter.

Now count the number of items on each list.

What is the discrepancy?

Does this not concern you?

            There is a challenge here. Accept it, work with it, learn from it.

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