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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Green Icing

            Many years ago, I lived in an apartment in Battle Creek with two of my brothers. My older brother, Keith, worked at a bakery where his job was to decorate cakes. Sometimes he would decorate as many as a hundred cakes in a day. The area he worked in had a long bench. He would line cakes up to decorate efficiently. There were windows so the customers could watch while he worked.

            One day Keith had a good day and was in a good mood. After work we went grocery shopping and then had dinner. That evening as we were getting ready to go to bed, Keith let out a yell, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” He came out of the bathroom pointing at his forehead. There in the middle of his forehead was a glob of green icing.

            Of course, we hadn’t noticed it. After all, someone who decorates that many cakes every day, quite often has icing on him, somewhere.

            Keith continued, “All day people would look at me and smile. I thought they were just being nice. Now I know why. I really thought I was having a nice day.”

And, God speaks to me:

            “When you meet someone: smile, be nice, be friendly. Do not wait until you see green icing.

            Is that all it takes to be nice to someone? Think of all the stress that was relieved every time someone saw the green icing. Think of how good it made Keith feel when someone looked at him and smiled. Think of how good it was that these people could have that moment of a smile.

            So this is my challenge to you: Smile at someone. Give them that day with a good feeling. Spread a little warmth, joy, peace. Perhaps they in turn will smile at someone else. Perhaps you can start something good.

            In your interactions with others, try a smile, try nice, try kindness. You will be surprised at how much easier your relationships will become.

            A smile is a good thing. It is nice for the one who receives it, but even better for the one who gives it. Think of the stress relieved when you smile. Think of how much better you feel when you smile. Think of how much better you feel when someone smiles at you.

And God Speaks to me:

            “In all your relationships, in all your interactions, start with a smile.

            Should we every once in a while just put a bit of green icing in the middle of our foreheads to give others the opportunity to smile?

            Should we imagine that the person we just met has some green icing on their forehead?

            Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just looked at you and smiled as though you had green icing on your forehead?

            Let’s just smile. Let’s just look at others, smile in friendship, maybe nod in recognition, and let that other person have that nice day. Let them think they have a friend. Even if you do not know them, act as though you could be that friend they are looking for. Don’t wait for green icing.

And God speaks to me:

            “I love smiles. I love laughs. Love. Laugh. Smile.

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