Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

God, Thank You!

            “Thank You God for giving me this close parking space so I don’t have to walk so far.”

And God speaks to me:

          “The space I have for you is that one at the far side of the lot. You need the exercise and so that is the space for you. The close one just happened to be there. Because you chose the close space, you did not walk. You need to walk more for your health. Because you continue to ignore that which I have prepared for you, you will not be as healthy and will die younger. This is not my choice, but yours.

            Perhaps this space should be for someone who has not yet applied for the handicap tag. The tag they should have.

            Or, do you have a handicap tag that you need only because you have long neglected proper care of your body? Or that you really do not need?


            Who are you lying to? Me? God? Yourself? If it is me, I already have my mind made up and nothing you say can change that. If it is God, you are wasting your effort. If it is yourself, then that is the real sin.

            Perhaps this space should be for the mother with small children. The children that should not be exposed to the dangers of the parking lot any more than necessary.

            “But, I was in a hurry - - -”

            If you were in such a hurry, why did you drive around in the lot until you found a close space? Why did you drive around until someone left that close space? Many times I come into a lot behind such a person. I just find a reasonable place, park, and walk the extra steps. Sometimes I park farther away just because there is more room and my car is less likely to be hit by a neighboring car door. Usually I am already inside the door while others are still circling, hunting for that perfect spot.

The real question is:

            Do you really think that God deliberately reached down from heaven and opened up a parking space just so you would have a shorter distance to walk?

            Look at all those parking places that God opened up for you at the far end of the lot.

            Check the height / weight charts and then ask yourself if you think that God is trying to prevent you from exercising. Don’t tell me you are not able to walk. My guess is that the reason you are unable to walk those extra steps is because you have avoided walking those extra steps. Your body is loaned to you by God. Your responsibility is to keep it in working order the best you can.

            I must admit, I have failed in this task too.

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