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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

The Seven Sins

            These are the seven deadly sins. Examine yourself with each one. If you have even a trace of any of these, you need to purge yourself of it. I know I am guilty of all of these. At least a little.


            This is coveting. This is the sin that accuses God of giving someone else what you think you should have. This is wanting what the other has. This is not using the other person as an example, but wanting their good looks, spouse, heritage, wealth. This is the sin that refuses to accept what God has given you.


            Are you lazy? Do you waste time at work? Do you spend time day-dreaming when you should be working? Do you do your personal communicating on the job? Personal calls, emails, texting, tweeting, etc.? Do you spend work time playing games or cruising the internet? Are you slow to serve others in hopes that another will do it? Do you avoid putting any effort in anything?


            Step on the scales. Check yourself on the height / weight chart. Then think about that pigout you went to. If you ‘get your money’s worth’ at the ‘all you can eat’ restaurants, then you are guilty of this one. Do you try to get the biggest piece? Isn’t this self punishing?


            This is your anger. This is your fury when you lose control. This is even the anger you hold within. This is the hate you hold against another. This is the anger that prevents you from forgiving another. You should only yell if the house is on fire.


            Do you think you are better than I? Are you too good to associate with me? Are you too good to associate with that ‘untouchable?’ Do you refuse to forgive until they apologize? Are you proud? Do you gloat about your achievements over others?


            Do you look at pornography? Do you look at that person walking down the street and think of sex? When you see an attractive, appealing person, does sex enter your mind? Do you rape? Even if it is only in your mind, - - no, especially if it is in your mind, it is lust. Having sex with children fits in this category. Do you even fantasize about it?


            Do you want more than you need? Is that money a scorecard for you? Are you willing to go to extremes to get more and more? Are you willing to cheat others for your own gain? Do you even care that others may be poor? Do you feel that acts of charity are for someone else?

            These thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not in themselves evil. It is only evil when you give in to them and allow them to control you.

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