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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

in Recognition


          The Holy Bible           (five different versions)


          The Qur’an (Koran)


          The Bhagavad-Gita


          The Völuspá


          The Epic of Gilgamish


          The Code of Hammurabi


          The Cost of Discipleship

                        Dietrich Bonhöffer



                        Confucius ~551 - ~479 BC

Confucius sought order and peace through reverence of custom, concern with human society, and the practice of perfect virtue.


          Five Great Dialogues

            Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Symposium, Republic

                        Plato 427 - 347 BC

Student of Socrates


          Nicomachean Ethics

                        Aristotle 384 - 322 BC

Student of Plato



                        Marcus Aurelius 121 - 180 AD

Emperor of the Roman Empire 161 - 180 AD



                        Augustine 354 - 430 AD

Bishop of Hippo Regius - Philosopher/Theologian


          A Brief History of Time

          The Universe in a Nutshell

                        Stephen Hawking b.8 Jan 1942 -

            Theoretical Physicist, Professor of Mathematics

            Oxford University, Cambridge University

Stephen Hawking has made it easier for me to get an idea of the scale of the Universe. His writing assisted in my realization that God is even greater than I can imagine.


          Ahmad ben Ahmad

          Thomas Aquinas


          The Buddha


          Mohandas Gandhi


          and many others

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