Snyder, George L Snyder, Lenore Snyder, God, ethics, morals, religion

The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Use of this book:

As a study guide in a group:
As an individual exploration of faith or study guide:
Part or all of a chapter may be printed as a handout for study, prayer or contemplation.
Some that have already been used for this purpose may be noted in a footnote.

• Read it with an open mind.
• Use it to understand the faith of others.
• Use it to help your own faith grow.
• Read it for its entertainment value.

Times to stop, think, cuss and discuss
• Each item in a list of statements or questions.
• When there is a box containing a statement.
• Especially when I present it as God speaking.
• When text is separated by lines across the page.
• Even when there is a blank line between paragraphs.
• Sometimes even individual sentences.

             Because the chapters are different lengths, preparation should be based on the speed of progress through the book.


Do not read a statement and just accept it.

Treat each statement, every sentence as a challenge.

             If in a discussion group you find you are going off on a tangent, treat it as though God is leading you that way. He is. One of my hopes is that this book will lead you into your own exploration.
             You should look things up yourself to gain understanding or for more detail. In fact, I recommend looking up everyone and everything I refer to. Keep me honest. Sometimes I have deliberately modified an incident or statement for my own purpose. Sometimes for impact, sometimes in hope you will think, sometimes just for fun. Sometimes I did a visual arrangement with the layout of the text.
             Some of the chapters may take many exposures to feel that you have covered everything involved. Some can be read and immediately dismissed. Some may take considerable time and discussion to resolve in your mind. Do not set a schedule for going through this book.

Do not tie yourself to a schedule.
Allow God to lead you
into your own exploration
of His words,
of your faith.

             Stop and listen for God’s voice. I suggest stopping for a few moments (or days even) after each chapter. Give God a chance to speak to you. Sometimes even an individual sentence could fill an entire hour of discussion in a group. Treat each statement as a question.

Some may be answered with “Huh?”
Others may be answered in a range all the way from: “Amen!” to “This guy is insane.”

Take your time.
Create your own questions.
Do not just read and accept it because it is written.

             It may be helpful to have your Bible handy. You may also wish to make visits to your library to check out some of the other books and writers I mention.

The Elephant Speaks              Introduction