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Encryption - Decryption Program

This program was initially intended to be a fun toy for James Bond wannabees.   As more indepth advanced cryptology was incorporated, it soon became obvious that this program is sutable for much more advanced users.   Encryption of a file is to be taken seriously, or it is to be treated lightly.   Eithor it is critically serious that the message be kept secret, or it is just a game.   In the case of this program, it is strong enough for the person who really needs security.

If your corporate messages might be intercepted by your competition, this program might be the answer.   An encrypted message, even if it is intercepted by your competition will only be decrypted if the key word is known and an exact copy of the encryption reference file is available

This program has three modes of operation.

1. Encryption of one file at a time.
2. Encryption of all files within a single directory or folder.
3. Encryption of a specified directory and all sub-directories.
The normal start is in single file mode.   If your need is to encrypt an entire directory, the   Alt F11   key changes it to directory mode.   If your need is to encrypt an entire directory or flash drive including sub-directories, the   Alt F10   key changes it to sub-directory mode.

WARNING - If you are not careful, it is possible to encrypt your entire hard drive beyond recovery.

This program incorporates:
      Advanced Encryption techniques
      Multiple layer encryption (encryption within encryption)
      Advanced Boolean math
      Wiping of the original file
      Potentially unlimited number of possible encryptions
      Encryption even the government cannot crack

      This program is not government approved

How the program works
      An encryption reference file is used for encryption
      You create a secret key word up to 55 characters long
      The key word is used to create an algorithm
      The algorithm is applied to the encryption reference file
      A dynamic constantly changing algorithm is created for the encryption of your secret message using the encryption reference files and your key words

      To decrypt the file or directory, run the program against the encrypted file using exactly the same process used to encrypt it,

To get a copy of this program, contact through email
g e o r g e @ s n y d e r s i n f o . c o m
The price is $ 50.00 (fifty dollars US)

You will recieve a CD with the following:
The encryption program:     Encrypt.exe
Instructions on how to run the program
DLL files required by Windows
Some sample encryption reference files
The ability to create your own unique encryption reference files

Also included on the CD is a short file (secret.txt) that I have encrypted using this program.   The first person to decrypt the file will be rewarded with five hundred dollars US for their efforts.   This offer expires on 1 January 2020.   You must have a legally purchased copy of this program.   The encryption reference files used for this encryption are on the CD, so all you have to do is figure out the proceedure, the key words, how deeply it was encrypted, and which encryption reference files were used.   There are hints in the readme file that will probably only confuse you.