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          This is a serious but humourous approach to one man's exploration of faith. Read it for your own search, as a group discussion, or just for it's entertainment value.

           George was raised Catholic and attended a small Catholic school for twelve years.

           As a teen, he worked in his father’s bakery.

           During the Cold War, George served in the US Air Force as a Russian linguist/analyst behind the Iron Curtain.

           George strayed from the faith and when he eventually decided to return, the Catholic church was not where George had left it.

           George’s wife, Lenore, grew up in a small Baptist church and taught in a school in India. They both have lived in many different places, all over the world. Their combined history and spiritual growth are reflected in this book.

           In 2011, George and Lenore moved to Hillsdale Michigan. They have three adult children.

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One Man's Elephant
George L Snyder


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