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Gnarly Walking Sticks:
           The length of your walking stick should come somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. If you send these two measurements to us, we can custom make a walking stick to fit you. The weight of the stick depends on your physical fitness and the amount of effort you wish to use when walking. Most people find that for ease of use, the weight should be between 12 to 24 ounces. The more robust you are, the heaver the walking stick you should use. Walking sticks will be sized to fit the user upon request.

           Measurement for a cane: Relax your arm and measure the distance from the floor to the point your hand joins your wrist. The length for a cane for most users should be one to three inches longer. The other option is try various canes and measure to find what length is best for you. Canes will be sized to fit the user upon request. For example: This measurement on me is 32½ inches and the ideal length of a cane for me is 34½ to 35 inches.

Wizard’s Staffs:
           The wizard’s staff should come at least to the wizard’s chin. It probably should not exceed the wizard’s total height unless you are a powerful wizard. The more powerful the wizard, the heavier the staff should be. Be careful you do not acquire a staff with more magic than you can handle.

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