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            I am ignoring another important rule. I select individual quotations from the Bible. It is wrong to use single phrases or individual quotations from the Bible. The Bible should be used in its totality. It is more than its component parts. Those who wish to distort truth often find the Bible a handy tool. In some of my Biblical references, I use individual quotations out of context for just that purpose. I also choose the interpretation or translation that most closely fits my purpose regardless of its accuracy.

            Now that I have condemned the way I use the Bible, you can feel free to disregard my claims and statements. When I refer to a Biblical passage, you should read what is before and what is after to make sure you understand. Read all that is before and all that is after. If you do that, it will take you years to get through this book. And, perhaps you will not need this book.

            In regards to different interpretations of the Bible, we need to be careful to not put our own prejudices into our translations. As a linguist, I want to remind you that poetry, humor, and idioms often cannot be translated. The original languages of the Bible contained all of these.

            There are stories and parables throughout the Bible. Do not get hung up on the details of the story. Look for the message God has put there for us to see.

            I have come to the understanding that the Bible is not an answer book, but a question book.


            It is also crucial that we do not make the Bible into God. The Bible is not God. The Bible is ‘only’ God’s message to us.

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