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          I expect my primary audience to be biased Footnote 1 by Christianity. I do hope others may find something of interest or value here.

          My own faith path started as a Roman Catholic. I went to a small Catholic school in a small town for twelve years. As many young people do, I strayed from my faith. When I was ready to rebuild my faith, the Catholic Church had changed so much that I felt uncomfortable. So I became a Protestant. My wife, Lenore, grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist Church. She spent some time in the mission field prior to meeting me. After we met, we compared the beginnings of our faith. We were amazed at how similar these two disciplines were.

          We have friends all over the world that follow different faith paths. Many of the basic beliefs of these good people Footnote 2 are very similar to what Christians believe. Sometimes the only differences lie in the choice of the words used. I deliberately look at messages from God that have been delivered to those of other faiths. You may have problems with this.

          Some of the quotations used are from these other sources. Check the Appendix for a guide to enlightened people, some who do not or did not profess to be Christian. I repeat: the Bible is not an answer book, but a question book. It is much the same with many of these other holy writings.

          Be aware that some of my wording is accidental and some is deliberate. Some may have God as the author. Some may have Satan as the author. I know I am not always able to put things correctly. Credit God for the good stuff, blame me for the bad. Don’t give the devil credit for anything.

1.    The word “Biased” is chosen deliberately.
2.    All people are children of God. All of God’s creations are good.

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copyright© 2007 George L Snyder