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           God is an elephant. God is much more than an elephant. Our own small minds are unable to even approach the concept of God.

           A wise Hindu Holy man once said that God must in some form exist. The beauty, magnitude, and complexity of the world, the stars, and the universe require the existence of God. But “GOD” does not exist.

          How can this be? Can anyone really say in the same statement that God is, but God is not? My faith requires the existence of God. But I can honestly say that my feeble mind is unable to grasp the greatness of God. Whatever it is I think of when I say “God” is far short of God. In that respect, “God” as I see Him does not exist.

          As a blind man, I should not force my concept of God on you. Keep in mind that all of my blind men were both correct and incorrect. You and I know the elephant is like a tree. There must be leaves on it. The elephant is big so there are lots of beautiful green leaves on the elephant. Some people think the elephant is gray. They cannot see the leaves. They are wrong, of course. How sad!

          We are all blind. Your elephant is different from mine. But, at least, allow me the right to see my own elephant. We create an image of God that we can understand.

          “Anything goes” is not the point I want to make here. In fact I am against the “anything goes” concept.

The point is I may be wrong.

And, you may be wrong.

Perhaps a little bit right.

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copyright© 2007 George L Snyder