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          I refuse to put my limits on God. God has my permission to speak to anyone He wants to. Remember, as a blind man, your view of the elephant is very incomplete.

          God wants all people to come to Him. God had a need in that part of the world. He found Mohammed willing to listen and act on what he heard. Perhaps if Christians were not busy killing each other, God might have spoken to a Christian. Probably not. After all, we Christians spend too much time being un-Christian.

          When Christians or Jews say “God” do they not mean “The One True God?” Those who are not Christian also see the elephant. I believe God speaks to all people, not just Christians.

          Mohammed heard God speak to him. Are you going to tell God that he may speak only to Christians? Will God obey you if you forbid Him to speak to non-Christians? Are you so conceited to think your view of the elephant is the only view?

          God needed someone to speak to the people there. No Christian could or would have communicated with God’s target audience. Christians still cannot communicate with them.

          I may not agree with the way Mohammed interpreted the message from God, but I must accept that God did speak to Mohammed. But, I may very well be totally wrong.

God has no favorites. Footnote

Romans 2:11 The Jerusalem Bible

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