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          Yes, God is Mother Nature! Where else does the structure, beauty, and chaos of nature come from. How else can we explain the totality and balance of the universe? Mother Nature is the creator of the universe. She did a good job of it.

          We are talking of a universe that is so large we have yet to be able to measure it. There are trillions of galaxies each containing billions or trillions of stars. Yet, each atom, each particle, each tiny electrical charge is important. The balance of the universe depends on the integrity of each particle no matter how small.

          Let’s deviate from the study of God for a moment and look at one of the minor accomplishments of God.

          Near the close of the 20th century, a study was done of a small area of the sky. This area was chosen because it is an area that seems to have relatively few stars. Roosevelt’s eye on a dime held at arms length would more than cover the area studied. The Hubble telescope reached further into space than ever before. More than two thousand galaxies were found in this small area of space that had been considered to be empty. Light that has been traveling for up to thirteen billion years to get here. The reason we did not detect light from galaxies further away is due to limitations in our instruments. We do not know what is still further away. Each of these galaxies has billions or trillions of stars. We have not even begun to measure the stars in our own galaxy. And we are unable even to guess at the total number of galaxies that exist.



          Mother Nature has a huge canvas upon which to draw Her works of art. We are a microscopic drop of paint splattered onto a small unimportant part of that canvas. Though seeming insignificant, we are important.


          With our powerful microscopes, we can see many small things that normally are invisible. Still, we have not been able to see the smallest of particles that make up creation. Each small (undetectable to us) particle is important to the structure of the universe. Each is counted, measured, known intimately by Mother Nature.

          Any entity that is capable of counting the (to us) uncountable small things that comprise the (to us) uncountable large things must be beyond our comprehension. We cannot see the elephant!

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copyright© 2007 George L Snyder