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          When I go out to feed and water my dog, I see the look of worship and awe and love in his eyes. To my dog, I must seem like a god. Even if I hurt him, he still does not change. He forgives me of my crimes against him better than I am willing to forgive even minor offences against me. In that respect, he is more like God than I am.

          I am a god to him. I feel uncomfortable about this. But even here God is sending messages to me. God sends messages to all people in a multitude of ways.

          A dog has a better chance of understanding his master than I have of understanding my Creator. I am finite. God is infinite. Sometimes I envy my dog in that he is able to see his god. He is able to see reactions in his god when he does something.

          He sees his god give him food and water. Even when I have been negligent, and he is hungry or thirsty when I go out to feed and water him, there is only love. There is only thankfulness. There are no recriminations. He expects me to take care of his needs, but in my own time.

          He feels the hand of his god as a reward. He feels the hand of his god as an indication of affection. This closeness must have been felt by Adam and Eve Footnote 1 in the garden. This closeness must be one of the pleasures of heaven.

          Men need to take lessons from dogs. I feel uncomfortable about this.


1.     Fictional characters to some. Historical characters to others.

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