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          And man has created God in his own image. Michelangelo Footnote 2 created God as an older, gray, bearded man. After all, if we are created in the Image of God, then God must look like us. Is that blasphemy? Perhaps, unconsciously. I know you don’t think God looks like me.

          God is like an elephant. Each of us has our own vision. But we cannot “see” the elephant. We are blind. As God is a spiritual and not a physical entity, then God is neither man nor woman. God is neither tall nor short. God is neither black nor white. These are all physical characteristics. So then, how can man be in God’s Image?

          Man, if created in the Image of God, must be like God. Man cannot be like God physically. God is a Spirit. We cannot confine God to the body of an old, gray, bearded man. It is in your spiritual value system not in any physical attributes that you are created in the Image of God. If you perceive God to be good and infinite, then God must be (not possess, but be) these values. Values that are good if that is your perception of God. Footnote 3 And because God is infinite, Footnote 4 then God must be these values - - infinitely.

          Now I have created my elephant in the image of me. God is not insulted by this comparison because God understands my poor attempts to understand Him. I believe God is good so I have created Him as good. Understanding is a good value. God is understanding.

          Just because I am unable to totally comprehend what the elephant is, does not mean that the elephant does not exist. It may not look like what I think it looks like, but it does exist.

1.     King James Bible: Genesis 1:27 (partial)
2.     Michelangelo Buonarroli 1475-1564; Italian sculptor, painter, architect, & poet
3.     This is your viewpoint
4.     And this is my viewpoint

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