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          It is OK to kill a fetus. Somehow, it seems bad to kill a baby. The only difference is if you convince yourself that it is not a human life, then it is not a sin to kill it. Oh, no, I slipped. You do not kill a fetus, you abort it. That is better. Now it is OK.

          If someone comes to me and says that they are going to kill their unborn baby, I can accept that better than if they say they are going to abort a fetus. I am sickened by people lying to themselves. They lie to themselves to keep their guilt away. Even then, some are pursued by their guilt many years after an abortion. If you want to kill your baby, just do it. Do not lie to yourself to make it easier. The harder and harsher you treat it, the less likely you will be haunted by it later. Accept that you are killing a life. Accept that there is a child that will never be. There is a child that will never become a man. There is a child that will not be able to find the cure to terrible diseases, to save lives, to benefit the entire human race. Also, there is a child that will never be a criminal. Or, a mass murderer.

          Abortion is not as terrible as the lie that makes abortion easy. If it is right to terminate that potential life, then do it. If it is necessary in your view, then do it. But, do it; do not try to justify it by lying about what you are doing.

          Be careful, logic might say to abort a potential life. Look at Beethoven. His father was an alcoholic. His parents had seven children. Only three survived childhood. All his life he was faced with fits or seizures of madness and rage. Ill health plagued him throughout his life. He would end his days deaf, no longer able to hear his own works. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. He should have been aborted.


The New Testament According to Choice

          And Joseph being an honorable man and loving the girl Mary decided not to have her stoned to death. So he said to Mary, “Let’s just abort it.”

End New Testament According to Choice

          Lest you forget. Life is also a choice!

          Perhaps we should encourage abortion. It is one of Mother Nature’s ways of cleansing the human gene pool.

          Each person has the right to control and direct their own destiny. Perhaps the rights and needs of a person override the value of the life of an unborn child. When that child will never be able to have any kind of social life, no hope of movement, no hope of learning then isn’t it kinder to abort it. What if I am mentally unstable and have trouble caring for even myself? What if I do not have the financial resources to take care of myself, let alone another mouth to feed? What if I have a disease that infects the fetus, and the child, once born, will die horribly in terrible pain? What if I know the child will not survive anyway? What if this child is the result of rape or incest?

          I guess I should not judge. I too may at some point decide that a child should not be born.


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