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The Berlin Wall

          At the end of World War II Germany was divided into four sections. The City of Berlin was also divided. The concept was that Berlin would be an example to the world with free access for all German citizens. It was not long before East Germany was fenced off from the West. This removed the rights of free access from the East Germans. Berlin was perceived as a serious weakness by the East, and finally a wall was built to keep their citizens from fleeing West through Berlin. This became a blight on humanity. Anytime people become prisoners in their own land their rights are violated.

          I arrived in Berlin before the wall was built. When walking down the street, you did not have to know where the border was. You could feel it the instant you crossed the line. The oppression hung in the air like a disease. On the West side, couples would walk hand in hand, cheerful, happy, and full of life. On the East side, individuals would scurry along quickly, huddled into themselves. Almost like animals in cages.

          After the wall was built, escape attempts became almost frantic. A young mother threw her baby out the second story window to people waiting below. Even though no one would be able to catch her, she jumped because the East German police were coming into the room. Then there is the famous photo showing two of the border guards who seeing the chance to escape, threw down their guns, ran and leaped over the barrier to freedom.

          The right of freedom is extremely important.

          Any society that restricts freedom is wrong. Any person who restricts the freedom of others is wrong.


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