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            When you employ someone, you have certain things that the employee should expect. Fair pay is the first consideration, but much more than that is required. Although it may not be in a contract, fair treatment is also a responsibility. Your employee must feel that they are contributing something. He must feel you respect him and value his services. He must feel secure in his job. He has to feed, and house his family, and you as an employer must do your share. If you find that he cannot do the job, then you have the responsibility to work with him to train him, educate him, or find some task that he is capable of doing. You have the responsibility to keep him employed so he can care for his family. If you must fire him, search your soul thoroughly first. Then do it with compassion. Give him time to find another position. Allow him to leave with as much self esteem as possible. Help him find another position if you can. If you took management training courses, use your knowledge as a tool not as a weapon.

            When you are employed by someone, you have certain things that the employer should expect. You must give a fair day’s work for your pay. While you are working for someone, you must show respect for him even off the job. He has to make a profit to stay in business so he can continue to pay you and the other employees. You must be there when you are needed and do the job expected of you. You must use your employer’s resources properly. Do not be wasteful. Do not steal from your employer. Treat your co-workers with honor and respect. Try to overlook their minor faults. If you cannot do the job, talk it over with your employer to see what can be done for more training, or perhaps a different position. He already knows that you are having problems performing your task, so trying to work it out might be what will keep you employed. If you still cannot do the job, then find other work and when you quit, do it with honor and respect.

            If you find that you are not compatible, then it is time to work it out. You may find that you cannot get along with the other person.


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