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            Agnes is one person who would never have minded me using her story. Because of her acceptance of life and her beautiful acceptance of the wonders of this world, she would have been happy to know that her story helped me in my faith journey.

            Agnes was my youngest sister. She was born years after I left home. I was her older brother who came home to visit and sometimes stayed overnight. It is always a little magical for a young person when an older family member comes to visit. Looking back, I am sure it was that way for her. I felt that way when one of my aunts or uncles came to visit from a distance.

            In my family, we did not always do a lot of hugging, but it seems Agnes changed that. Whenever I came, I got a hug. Whenever I left, I got a hug. Agnes needed that. I did too, although I did not know it.

            One day Agnes was excited and tried to tell me something. My hearing was not very clear and neither was her speech. “I’m sorry Agnes. I did not understand you.”

            She smiled, shrugged her shoulders, and went on her way. There were a lot of others there to talk to. It was enough for her to know that I cared. It was enough to know that I tried. I would never have been able to accept that. I would have ended up trying over and over until frustration drove me to quit. Agnes had no frustration, no discomfort, none of the emotional trauma that I would have experienced.

            We should accept unconditionally in that same manner. There is only one reason she could and I could not. Agnes had a special understanding and grasp of what is important. Agnes was a child with Downs Syndrome. Agnes immediately saw the important message. I loved her. I cared. Isn’t that what is really important? Agnes saw immediately that what she had to say was not the most important thing. I consider this scene a message from God. And, this message was given to me. That makes me feel special. We are all special to God.

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