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            His job was to be Guinevere’s protector and hero. Arthur went away to seek the Holy Grail and left Lancelot to protect Guinevere’s honor.

            When Lancelot felt that desire for Guinevere, he should have gone to help Arthur in his quest. When Guinevere felt that desire for Lancelot, she should have and could have sent him away. An expressed concern for Arthur’s safety would have been acceptable. Actually, Lancelot was the wrong choice. Galahad was the one who should have been assigned the task, but Galahad was only a boy.


            Avoid that temptation. As soon as it is felt, distance yourself. Keep your honor. If by chance you do give in to your weakness, then you have to make some changes.

            When Lancelot’s indiscretion was uncovered, both Lancelot and Guinevere were condemned. And the destruction of Camelot began. In most of the Arthurian legends Guinevere faces death, Lancelot manages to rescue her, and they both disappear in shame.

            We are all Lancelot and Guinevere. We seem to think that what we do is only our own business. But, God knows. The lucky ones are discovered or are driven by conscience. If you repent or are discovered while still alive, then you have an opportunity to come out and admit your sin. You have the opportunity to ask those you have offended for forgiveness. You might not receive it, but you can ask.

            The unlucky ones are those who live with the knowledge of their sins hidden within their souls for years, then die, and have to face death with this on their conscience. For these people death becomes a horrible and frightening experience.

            The pain Arthur bears and the damage to society is severe. Like most tragedies the world does not recover until after Arthur dies. This is too much like real life. The damage done by a lack of honor is never undone.

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