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The Headhunter

            Highly honored in his tribe, this man is one of the best defenders of all time. The proper procedures are always followed so he will not offend God or any of the other spirits. You know, the eyes, mouth, etc, must be sewn shut so the spirit will not do evil to you or your people; and of course the proper preparation of everything else. He always follows the old ways as taught by the wise old people. He is a good and gentle man who is a very loving father of his children, and teaches them all the good things he can. He always attends all of the tribe’s worship services for he knows that his occupation is dangerous and he may be called to his maker at any time. He loves and honors his wife and she feels that she is the luckiest woman in the tribe to have such a wonderful husband. The elders of the tribe know that when this head hunter dies, he may be impossible to replace. They also know that this good man will hold a high place with his creator when his time comes.

            But, of course, he will not go to heaven. He is condemned to hell because he is not a Christian. The closest he ever got to Christianity was that missionary that came through a few years ago. Actually, that missionary was a bit old and tough.

            But, of course, he will go to heaven. He follows God the best he can in the only way God has revealed Himself to him. If he does not believe in Christianity it is our fault, not his. Jesus told us to tell the world the good news of God’s love. If this head hunter has not heard the message, a just God cannot condemn him for our failing. If anyone should be punished it is you and I.

            But, of course, he will not go to heaven. He is condemned to hell because he is not a Christian.

            I am that head hunter. You are that head hunter. Neither of us can honestly say that we really know what God is. God is an elephant and we are all blind.

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copyright© 2007 George L Snyder