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          Because Judas is usually condemned as an agent of the devil, I choose to defend him. Imagine a private conversation between Jesus and Judas. One that no one else knew of, so it wasn’t written anyplace.

Jesus:                      You have to do this, it is written, and the scriptures must be fulfilled. None of the others can do it. They are just sheep and will remain that way until the Holy Spirit comes to them.

Judas:                      What about Peter, he knows?

Jesus:                      Peter’s faith will not even stand questioning by a servant girl. You are the only one who believes, and knows, and has the strength to do this.

Judas:                      But You know what the scriptures say about the one who betrays You. I know what Your purpose is. Most of the others don’t understand yet, but I do. How can You expect me to do this? To betray the One I love most!

Jesus:                      The world will hate you, will despise you, even you will not be able to live with this, but it must be done. I chose you for this difficult, terrible task.

Judas:                      Then, it’s Your choice. I guess - - Its not mine. I really have no choice.

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