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The Elephant Speaks
One Man’s Elephant book II

Terminal Illness

            She told of her husband’s illness. About the death that was only a matter of time. About the help her family has received from the different social agencies.

            “God has provided everything we really needed. He has provided us with a wheel chair, food for the family, even financial help with our bills.”

            She continued, “I only hope I can behave properly. People know we are Christians, and they expect certain behavior from us. People are watching us to see how we handle this crisis as Christians. We don’t want to be a stumbling block to others - - being weak or upset - - not trusting God.”

And, God speaks to me:

          “You are human. Be human! Cry in your grief. If you are angry, then stand in the storm, raise your fist to the sky, and curse Me. This is your humanity. I understand. I love you and I love your humanity. I desire that you express your humanity. If you deny your humanity then you deny My creation.


First:             God provided the people around her. It is these people who have helped her and her family. It is the responsibility of those of us who have more, to assist those who have less. I am the hands of God. You are the hands of God. If God does not provide this help, then I have failed God and you have failed God.


Second:           Never adjust your behavior to match what you think others want. Never behave by rules of others. Behave as you believe. Behave as you feel is right between you and God.


Third:             If you feel that things are not right between you and God, then it is time to have it out with God. There are stories that show that some of those whom we believe were special in God’s sight chose to have it out with God. Some wrestled, some argued, some even cursed God. One meaning of the name Israel is ‘one who wrestles with God.’


Fourth:            If God gave her and her family this help, then God also gave the disease to her husband. Her husband was not specifically chosen for this disease. Neither did God specifically choose her family to receive this help. But, God may have directed the people who helped her. God has placed into the universe what we perceive as a randomness. Something that we cannot predict. We can only serve where we are able.

Now how do you see this elephant?

Did you take the time to examine/discuss these four items?

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